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Control of Recyclable Wates and Zero Waste Project Applications: Example of Necmettin Erbakan Univer 2147-3188

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Billions of people around the world consume unconsciously every day. The resulting wastes are again left to nature by being irresponsible. Due to the rapid depletion of natural resources, humanity has entered new searches. The most important of these, waste management and recycling, dates back to B.C. Each purchased product is made available to us in a package. Well-evaluated wastes benefit the country's economy. The issue of evaluation of all wastes, especially recyclable wastes initiated with the Zero Waste Project, was initiated in our country in 2017 and was finalized in 2019 with a regulation.
In this study, the current situation of our university in terms of environmental awareness and protection of natural resources has been evaluated and it has been tried to reveal what studies have been done and what needs to be done. All activities carried out from the establishment of the Zero Waste Unit to the collection of wastes in separate classes are indicated in stages. In addition, a survey study was conducted on 306 people, in which students, academicians and administrative staff participated. According to the results of the survey, it was seen that the participants were conscious about waste management. Then, the contribution to the economy and the environment is calculated over the amount of collected waste, and the extent to which the country's economy can be contributed is emphasized with numerical values. As a result, the current level of awareness on waste management in universities was determined and information was given on how to improve it.
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