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Agroecosystems in a Changing Climate

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    Agroecosystems in a Changing Climate (Advances in Agroecology) by Paul C.D. Newton (Editor), R. Andrew Carran (Editor)

    Product Details
    • Hardcover: 364 pages
    • Publisher: CRC; 1 edition (September 1, 2006)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 0849320887
    • ISBN-13: 978-0849320880
    • Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 6.4 x 1 inches
    Product Description
    Agroecosystems in a Changing Climate
    considers the consequences of changes in the atmosphere and climate on the integrity, stability, and productivity of agroecosystems. The book adopts a novel approach by bringing together theoretical contributions from ecologists and the applied interpretations of agriculturalists. Drawing these two approaches together, the book provides the theoretical underpinning that guides scientists on what phenomena to look for, looking beyond first-order responses in the creation of sustainable agroecosystems. This unique approach provides an interpretation of ecological insights and general theory, and then relates them to agroecosystem performance. Each section of the book combines general principles of response with an examination of the applied consequences. The authors cover the supply of resources necessary to sustain agriculture in the future and discuss the incidence of pests, weeds, diseases, and their control. They provide an understanding of how the population biology of organisms will change and the adaptations that might be possible. The book also explores plant breeding solutions and the capacity for adaptation that exists in plant populations. In addition to the full chapters, the book includes Special Example chapters that deal in more detail with specific issues.
    Presenting a global perspective of climate change effects on agricultural production, Agroecosystems in a Changing Climate establishes connections between the immediate effects of change and the longer-term processes that will ultimately determine the consequences for agroecosystems and therefore the potential for adaptation.

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