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Air Pollution Control Equipment Selection Guide

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    Air Pollution Control Equipment Selection Guide By: Kenneth C. Schifftner

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    Product Details
    ISBN: 1587160692
    Publisher: CRC - 2002-06-26
    Hardcover | 1st Edition | 248 Pages | List Price: $169.95 (USD) | Sales Rank: 1016338

    Product Description
    The selection of air pollution control apparatus can be a daunting task. This resource will ease the burden of the selection process by providing extensive information on the best equipment available for any air pollution control problem. The book offers ample introductory information, plus review questions for students. The text is divided into sections organized by the primary technology employed. Each section reviews the type of gas cleaning device used for the type of technology, its effectiveness, size, and common application(s). Rather than endorsing one technology over another, the author provides general information so that the reader can decide on the proper technology to use for any given application.