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Emerging Environmental Technologies

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    Emerging Environmental Technologies

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    Author(s): Vishal Shah
    Publisher: Springer
    Date : 2008
    Pages : 174
    Format : pdf
    OCR :
    Quality :
    Language : English
    ISBN-10 : 1402087853
    ISBN-13 : 9781402087851

    Product Description

    With increasing attention being paid to the changing environment and the underlining reasons from the change, scientists are working at a faster pace to invent technologies that could have a positive impact. This book exclusively focuses on the technologies that would be in the forefront in near to far future. Each and every article in the book is peer-reviewed and discusses the current environmental challenges, the novel innovation and future directions.

    The topics covered in the book include microbial fuel cells, hybrid solar lighting, bacterial swimming for environmental remediation, cleaner engines, nanoparticles for effluent treatment, surface catalysis and proteins as gas hydrates inhibitors. This book will be suitable for academicians, industries and governmental/non-governmental agencies in the field of environmental sciences and technology.

    About the Author

    Dr. Shah obtained his doctorate degree from Sardar Patel University, India, he then became a UNESCO-ROSTE Fellow at the Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic, Prague. He did his post-doctorate research at Polytechnic University, New York and is currently an Assistant Professor in Environmental Microbiology at Dowling College, New York. His research expertise includes drinking water treatment and conversion of environmental wastes to value added products.

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