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Environmental Technologies

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  1. Tarık Can

    Tarık Can Genel Yönetici

    Environmental Technologies

    Edited by E. Burcu Ozkaraova Gungor
    ISBN 978-3-902613-10-3, 268 pages, Publishing date: January 2008

    This book on Environmental Technology takes a look at issues such as air, soil and noise pollution problems, environmental quality assessment, monitoring, modelling and risk as- sessment, environmental health impact assessment, environmental management and envi- ronmental technology development. It represents institutional arrangements, financial mechanisms and some sustainable technologies. The user can always count on finding both introductory material and more specific material based on national interests and problems. The user will also find ample references at the end of each chapter, if additional information is required. For additional questions or comments the user is encouraged to contact the author.

    Table of Contents

    01 Biosensors for Life Sciences
    Mihaela Badea, Liliana Rogozea, Mihaela Idomir and Nicoleta Taus
    02 Ecological, Economic and Marketing Aspects of the Application of Biofertilisers in the Production of Organic Food
    Drago Cvijanovic, Gorica Cvijanovic and Jonel Subic
    03 Environmental Problems Induced by Pollutants in Air, Soil and Water Resources
    Murat Deveci and and Fusun Ekmekyapar
    04 Emission Sources and Their Contributions to Ambient Air Concentrations of Pollutants
    Dragana Djordevic
    05 Qualitative Environmental Health Impact Assessment in Veles, Republic of Macedonia
    Vladimir Kendrovski and Dragan Gjorgjev
    06 The Role of Adaptive Environmental Management in Sustainable Development Case Study Assessing the Economical Benefits of Sustainable Construction in Greece
    Odysseus G. Manoliadis
    07 Indoor Air Pollution in the Romanian Homes
    Anca Maria Moldoveanu
    08 Soil Pollution and Remediation Problems in Turkey
    E. Burcu Ozkaraova Gungor
    09 Distribution of Trace and Major Elements in Lignite and Products of Its Combustion-Leaching Experiments and Cluster Analysis
    Aleksandar Popovic and and Dragana Djordjevic
    10 Air Radioactivity Monitoring in Serbia
    Dragana Popovic, Dragana Todorovic, Vesna Spasic Jokic and Gordana Djuric
    11 Improving the Grapevine Technology by Optimising the Utilisation of the Environmenthal Resources in the Murfatlar Vineyard
    Aurora Ranca
    12 Integrated Sustainable Fisheries Management for Pearl Mullet of Lake Van, Turkey
    Mustafa Sari
    13 The Application of Membrane Separation Processes as Environmental Friendly Methods in the Beet Sugar Production
    Zita Seres, Julianna Gyura, Mirjana Djuric, Gyula Vatai and Matild Eszterle
    14 Assessment of Air Quality in an Urban Area of Belgrade, Serbia
    Mirjana Tasic, Slavica Rajsic, Milica Tomasevic, Zoran Mijic, Mira Anicic, Velibor Novakovic, Dragan M. Markovic, Dragan A. Markovic, Lazar Lazic, Mirjana Radenkovic and Jasminka Joksic
    15 Environmental, Medical, Technogenic and Computer Technology: Modeling, Risk Assessment and Cost/Benefit Analysis of the Accidents
    Yanenko V.M., Rykhtovsky V.O. and Yanenko N.V.
    16 Habitation and Noise
    Vesna Zlatanovic-Tomasevic

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