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Industrial Water Pollution Control

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    Industrial Water Pollution Control
    Third Edition
    by W. Wesley Eckenfelder, Jr.

    Industrial Water Pollution Control is a theory-to-practice guide to controlling industrial water pollution.

    In a thoroughly updated new edition that reflects both more stringent regulations and the new technologies developed to meet them, Industrial Water Pollution Control introduces you to environmentally-acceptable and cost-effective, state-of-the-art methodologies.

    After an overview of the source and characteristics of industrial wastewaters, you learn about pre- and primary treatment processes...coagulation, precipitation and metals removal...aeration and mass transfer...aerobic biological oxidation and other biological wastewater treatment processes...adsorption...ion exchange...chemical oxidation...sludge handling and disposal...and other processes, including deep-well disposal, membrane process, and more.

    Specific examples and case histories from a variety of industries, including pulp and paper, chemical and pharmaceutical, textile, food products, and metal finishing, help you understand the application of these technologies to real-world industrial wastewater treatment.


    1. Source and Characteristics of Industrial Wastewaters
    2. Wastewater Treatment Processes
    3. Pre- and Primary Treatment
    4. Coagulation, Precipitation, and Metals Removal
    5. Aeration and Mass Transfer
    6. Principles of Aerobic Biological Oxidation
    7. Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes
    8. Adsorption
    9. Ion Exchange
    10. Chemical Oxidation
    11. Sludge Handling and Disposal
    12. Miscellaneous Treatment Processes

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