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Mass Transfer Principles and Applications

Konu, 'İngilizce Kitap Tanıtımları' kısmında Fatih Özcan tarafından paylaşıldı.

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    Mass Transfer Principles and Applications

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    • ISBN (PDF) 0-203-59042-2
      [*] Title Mass Transfer: Principles and Applications
      [*]Author Basmadjian, Diran
      [*] Publisher Taylor & Francis Group
      [*]Year 2005
      [*] Language en

    A concise text on mass transfer, this book covers a wealth of practical applications in chemical, environmental, biomedical, engineering, and materials science. Using examples to illustrate and teach key concepts, the author walks readers through the thought processes involved in reducing actual problems into manageable engineering portions and then analyzes the solutions found. His analysis of the examples is thorough and he transitions smoothly and logically from theory to real world applications. Taking an integrated, rational approach that highlights the importance of models, the author shows readers how to simplify complex problems, make engineering estimates, and avoid common pitfalls.

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