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Water Treatment Handbook, Degremont

Konu, 'İngilizce Kitap Tanıtımları' kısmında Fatih Özcan tarafından paylaşıldı.

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    Water Treatment Handbook, Degremont
    Eki Görüntüle 11853

    Author(s) : DEGRÉMONT
    Publication date : 05-2007
    Language : ENGLISH
    2 volumes 1928p. 17x24 Hardback

    1. Water - a fundamental element
    2. What water should we treat? And why?
    3. Fundamental physical-chemical engineering processes applicable to water treatment
    4. Fundamental biological engineering processes applicable to water treatment
    5. Water analysis and treatability
    6. Aquatic organisms
    7. Corrosion in metal and concrete
    8. Formulary
    9. Pre-treatments
    10. Flocculators - Settling tanks - Flotation units
    11. Biological processes
    12. Methane Fermentation

    1. Filters
    2. Using ion exchangers
    3. Separation by membranes
    4. Degasification, odour control, evaporation
    5. Oxidation - disinfection
    6. Liquid sludge treatment
    7. Dewatered sludge treatment
    8. Reagent storage and feeding
    9. Instrumentation, control-regulation
    10. Drinking water treatment
    11. Treating municipal wastewater
    12. Treatment and conditioning of industrial water
    13. Industrial processes and effluent treatment
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