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Uğur Balbay

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12 Aralık 2008
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Konu: Advanced Air and Noise Pollution Control Volume 2
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Mesaj Sahibi: Fatih Özcan
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Advanced Air and Noise Pollution Control Volume 2

Lawrence K. Wang, Norman C. Pereira, and Yung-Tse Hung
Publisher: Humana Press | 2004-11-04 | Pages: 552 | ISBN:1588293599 | PDF | 6 MB | List Price: $157.50
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Book Description:

Leading pollution control educators and practicing professionals describe how various combinations of different cutting-edge process systems can be arranged to solve air, noise, and thermal pollution problems. Each chapter discusses in detail a variety of process combinations, along with technical and economic evaluations, and presents explanations of the principles behind the designs, as well as numerous variant designs useful to practicing engineers. The emphasis throughout is on developing the necessary engineering solutions from fundamental principles of chemistry, physics, and mathematics.
The authors also include extensive references, cost data, design methods, guidance on the installation and operation of various air pollution control process equipment and systems, and Best Available Technologies (BAT) for air thermal and noise pollution control

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