Environmental Engineering Dictionary, Fourth Edition

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11 Ara 2008
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Environmental Engineering Dictionary, Fourth Edition
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By C.C. Lee Ph.D.

Publisher: Government Institutes
Number Of Pages: 968
Publication Date: 2005-06
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 086587848X
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780865878488

Product Description:

This newly updated dictionary provides a comprehensive reference of hundreds of environmental engineering terms used throughout the field. Drawing from many government documents and legal and regulatory sources, this edition includes terms relating to pollution control technologies, monitoring, risk assessment, sampling and analysis, quality control, and permitting. This new edition now also includes fuel cell technology terms, environmental management terms, and basic environmental calculations.

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The environmental professional faces increasing pressure to keep up with technological developments and to stay abreast of the latest legislation and environmental regulations. Every governmental directive and every new piece of kit introduces yet more specialised terms into the professional language.

The Environmental Engineeering Dictionary (US Government Institutes), was published to help environmental professionals to keep tabs on such developments.

The dictionary gives over 14,000 technical and regulatory engineering terms in pollution control technologies, monitoring, risk assessment, sampling and analysis, quality control, environmental engineering and science. Concise definitions of technical terminology used in new regulations and in environmental literature are provided, covering every conceivable aspect of the subject. As this a dictionary, only the most fundamental information is provided, although the origins of the definitions are given, plus references to sources of further information.

This is the third edition of the dictionary. Many newly created terms are included, while original definitions have been revised to keep up with developments in the field.

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