Heavy Metals in the Environment

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Genel Yönetici
Genel Yönetici
11 Aralık 2008
Lawrence K. Wang, Jiaping Paul Chen, Yung-Tse Hung, Nazih K. Shammas "Heavy Metals in the Environment "
CRC | 2009-06-23 | ISBN : 1420073168 | Pages: 516 | PDF | 19.37 MB

Offering broad coverage of both basic and advanced principals and applications, this volume provides chemical and environmental engineers with the most complete resource available on remediation of heavy metal contaminants with an emphasis on innovative and alternative approaches. It investigates a wide variety of environmental pollution sources and waste characteristics that require a multitude of remediation methods. It then details the latest in clean tech advances covering both management strategies and process alternatives. The authors delve into costs, effluent standards, and offer up several illustrative case histories that help illustrate the regional and global effects of important pollution control practices.

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